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  • Package Rollstock

    Rollstock for Form-Fill Seal

    Rollstock is used in form-fill seal equipment. If you have your own packaging equipment or if you source a co-packer, we will work with you on your special project so that your custom printed rolls arrive to your exact specifications.

    Typical use: Various foods including snack foods, bars, coffee, cheese products, supplements, and numerous powdered products.

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  • Package Recyclable Fixed

    Compostable/Recyclable Solutions

    GOpak can use certified materials for compostable and recyclable packaging options. Our E-Beam technology allows for more flexibility for sustainable options and can eliminate a layer of material.

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  • Package Shaped Pouch

    Shaped Pouch

    Help your brand stand out with a custom shape. Special shapes available with added tooling charge.

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  • Package Flat Pouch

    3-Sided Seal (Flat Pouch)

    Also known as a “pillow pack” or “flat pouch,” this is a great solution for single-serve or small-portion packaging. Consumers like these packages since they are small, portable, and can be resealed. Often times they are found hanging on a peg hook at retail or in a display carton.

    Typical use: Seasonings and herbs, candy and chocolate, health and beauty, vitamins and supplements, household cleaners and soap, tea, coffee, pet food and treats, snacks, and cannabis (with a child resistant closure). There are many uses for the three-sided seal.

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  • Package Standup Pouch Side Gusset

    Side Gusset Pinch Bottom

    The side gussets expand as the pouch is filled giving the package good weight distribution. Printing your graphics on the side gussets offers a more 3D look.

    Typical use: Powdered goods, candy, pet treats, specialty products, coffee, and tea.

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  • Package Standup Pouch Bottom Gusset

    Stand-up Pouch (Bottom Gusset)

    This popular and economical package choice will have your product proudly displayed. Gusset bottom pouches are an excellent option for larger volume packages, and with the proper materials, can hold heavier volumes. Your product will stand tall thanks to the stability and excellent weight distribution a bottom gusset pouch provides. Your custom graphics on the front, back, and bottom gusset accommodates your brand messaging and product information. Finishing features: zippers, tear notches, and hang holes.

    Typical use: Used in most product categories: powdered products, dry foods, meat and cheese snacks, baked goods, snack foods, frozen foods, pet foods and pet treats as well as liquids, health and beauty, confections, coffee, tea and more.

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