Frequently Asked Questions


If you’re a small business selling food, coffee, cleaning supplies, cannabis, or any perishable good, a packaging partner can help take your operation to the next level. What is it like to work with GOpak as your small business packaging partner, and what makes us different from the competition?

We answered some of our most commonly asked questions below. If you don’t see an answer to your question, get in touch and we’ll answer it for you.


What are your minimums?

GOpak does not have a minimum quantity but we do have a minimum order value of $2500. This allows us to make sure we cover the time and material needed for the entire process, including the press run, coating, slitting, and converting.


Can I combine multiple SKU quantities to my total order quantity?

Yes. As long as your SKUs use the same material and are the same size, you can combine multiple SKU quantities into the same order. That’s the beauty of digital printing!


What are your common lead times?

Our lead time estimates are as follows:

  • For Finished Roll Stock: 5-7 business days from the time of art approval.
  • For Finished Pouches: 15 - 20 business days from the time of art approval.

These lead times are estimates, not guarantees. Lead time estimates may vary based on job needs.


Are there any additional costs?

  • Artwork Prep (if required) = $100 per SKU.
    NOTE: If art files are press-ready, there is no additional cost.
  • Template/dieline costs = $100 per size.
  • Shipping/Freight = not included in order price. Costs vary.

What is the best way to supply my art files?

We prefer all art files be high-resolution Adobe Illustrator files. Please make sure you include ALL fonts/outlined fonts and attachments, and if your art bleeds off the edges, please include 1/8 inch for bleed.

NOTE: If white ink is to be used, please supply white on a separate layer


What is a template or dieline?

The template or dieline is the layout of how your product will print. All of the product dimensions are called out on the template: height, width, and bottom or side gussets. The template also shows the location of features on the finished product, such as tear notches, zipper placement, hang holes, seal width, and more.

All production requires a template or dieline.


How do I pay for orders?

First time customers typically pay with Credit Card. 50% of the total must be paid when placing your order, and the remaining balance is due when your product is ready to ship.

NOTE: Quantities ordered and shipped will vary due to various steps in the production process.

Manufacturing accounts for a billable overage/under of up to 15%- 25% pending the total quantities.


Why should I start working with a packaging company for my small business?

The most common answer we hear from our current customers is “time” or “efficiency.” As your business grows and orders increase, it becomes harder to find time to manually label every package. And with your packaging and labels shipping from two different vendors, that’s two different turnaround times affecting your fulfillment efficiency.


What makes GOpak different from other packaging partners?

Our combination of industry-best speed to market, sustainable printing solutions (digital printing and E-beam curing), and recyclable and compostable product offerings makes for a one-of-a-kind packaging experience. In addition, our focus on small- to medium-sized print volumes allows us to be an even greater asset to small direct-to-consumer businesses.


What are the advantages of digital printing with GOpak?

  • Quick turn around time
    Get your product to market even faster!
  • No plate costs
    Explore different packaging solutions with less risk.
  • High resolution graphics
    Get top-quality results at more reasonable rates
  • Flexibility and customization
    Digital printing lets you change your package graphics easily and often

Will you pack my orders for me?

No. GOpak does not offer fulfillment services, but we’d be happy to recommend one of our verified fulfillment partners.


What if I’m not sure what kind of packaging is best for my product?

We’re here to help! Tell us about your product and we’ll use our more than 30 years of experience to recommend the best packaging solutions. The better we understand your product, the better our recommendations.


Will you send me a sample kit?

We can! Simply send us an email and we’ll get you one promptly.