Saving Money With Flat Pouch Packaging from GOpak

When it comes to packaging solutions, there are many options available. However, flat pouch packaging has become increasingly popular in recent years. And for good reason – it offers numerous benefits over traditional packaging methods. In this article, we will explore the advantages of flat pouch packaging from GOpak and answer some common questions about this innovative solution.

What is a Flat Pouch?

Also known as a “pillow pack,” a flat pouch is a three-sided seal package that is great for single-serve or small-portion packaging. They are portable, easy to store, and can be resealed after opening. They are often found hanging on peg hooks at retail or in a display carton. The typical uses for flat pouches include seasonings and herbs, candy and chocolate, health and beauty products, vitamins and supplements, household cleaners and soap, tea, coffee, pet food and treats, snacks, and even cannabis with a child-resistant closure.

Why Choose Flat Pouch Packaging from GOpak?

GOpak was founded to meet the growing demands of small to medium-sized volumes and the need for speed-to-market in flexible packaging. GOpak customers buy completed pouches and roll stock produced on an HP 20000 digital press and with E-Beam curing technology. By choosing flat pouch packaging from GOpak, you can benefit from:

–Digital print technology: the new HP 20,000 with a 30″ web width provides industry-best set-up ease to reduce lead times, short run production options, and stunning print quality.

–Electron beam (EB) curing technology: this innovative technology can replace conventional laminating, providing a clear finish after printing. GOpak invested in EB technology to bring its benefits to the marketplace: instantaneous curing with no photo inhibitors, improved lead times, increased sustainability options, and the elimination of an additional laminate layer. EB is recognized as an industry best for sustainable solutions.

What are the Advantages of Flat Pouch Packaging?

Flat pouch packaging has many advantages over traditional packaging methods, including:

-Cost savings: flat pouches can be produced at a lower cost than other packaging methods due to their simple design and reduced material usage.

-Improved shelf appeal: flat pouches offer a sleek and modern look that can help products stand out on store shelves.

-Convenience: flat pouches are easy to open, store, and transport, making them a popular choice for on-the-go consumers.

-Sustainability: flat pouches use less material than other packaging methods, reducing waste and environmental impact.

How Can Flat Pouch Packaging Save Money?

One of the biggest advantages of flat pouch packaging from GOpak is the potential for cost savings. Compared to other packaging methods, flat pouches require less material and have a simpler design, reducing the overall cost of production. Additionally, GOpak’s advanced digital print and EB curing technologies allow for shorter lead times, which can reduce costs associated with warehousing and inventory management.

Can Flat Pouch Packaging Improve Shelf Appeal?

Yes! Flat pouch packaging offers a modern and sleek appearance that can help products stand out on store shelves. Additionally, the ability to print high-quality graphics and branding on flat pouches means that products can be customized to fit any marketing campaign or brand image.

Is Flat Pouch Packaging Convenient?

Absolutely! Flat pouches are small, portable, and easy to store, making them a convenient choice for on-the-go consumers. They are also resealable, allowing for multiple uses and reducing food waste. This convenience factor makes flat pouches a popular choice for products that are meant to be consumed in small portions or used over time.

Are Flat Pouches Sustainable?

Yes! Flat pouches use less material than other packaging methods, reducing waste and environmental impact. Additionally, GOpak’s use of EB curing technology eliminates the need for an additional laminate layer, further reducing environmental impact.


Flat pouch packaging from GOpak offers numerous advantages over traditional packaging methods. From cost savings to improved shelf appeal to sustainability, flat pouches are an innovative solution that can benefit both consumers and manufacturers. By choosing GOpak’s advanced digital print and EB curing technologies, you can take advantage of shorter lead times and stunning print quality, further enhancing the benefits of flat pouch packaging.

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